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For further extensions, see NLCSA.net the Natural Learning Case Study Archive.

The paper book "Learning With Computers" (Intellect Books, Bristol, U.K.) selects the most accessible and lucid papers from twenty years of Bob Lawler's writing in Education, Computing, Psychology, and Artificial Intelligence. Some papers are well known, while others are published there for the first time. The text of the book is here complemented by photographs and a growing database of papers collected and prepared by the author for this site. The paper book is complete in itself and can be used as an introduction to educational computing, highlighting primary themes in the use of technology to support education. The growing collection of papers here is available for those who have the interest and time to go further into the issues. The extended collection is suitable for use with a graduate level course in educational computing. It would also be suitable as supplemental reading for courses in Education, Psychology, and Artificial Intelligence. Perhaps even other engineers might find the book or this site a useful adjunct to more technically focused studies. For details on ordering the book, click here

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